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Let me introduce you to my soul sucking bad boys

More on my debut book, WHEN A MULLO LOVES A WOMAN

When A Mullo Loves A Woman, available to buy from all major ebook retailers!

“Take a chance on this new author and pick up this book. I was thoroughly entertained by this offering and am sure you will be too” — BittenByBooks
“I got so caught up in it, there were a lot of fun quotes, too. ‘I’m up the ghostie creek without an emf meter is my favorite.” — Demon Lover’s Books And More
“A winning and surprising Paranormal Romance” — The Romance Reviews

A paranormal romance to sink your chi stealing ass fangs into:

My debut book features a new spin on vampires–I’m talking tales of the undead which date back several hundreds years that orginate from a Romani Gypsy legend.

The Mullo, which translates to the undead:

Gypsies have many rituals and beliefs about death. The strongest one is that a gypsy must die in a good way, or he or she will come back for revenge as one of the Mullo, or as we would say, the living dead. And if you cross their path, they will feed on you. Or worse still, curse you. This is why gypsies are known for burning their dead and their belongings. They believe this seemingly harsh funeral practice will ensure the soul of the departed will be put to rest, severing all their ties to the living world – just like Sam and Dean of Supernatural believe.

This practice is still strong amongst gypsies today. In 2003, the U.K. Gypsy King, Joseph Smith, was given a traditional Romany Funeral.

The Mullo has been described as various things, grotesque creatures with only three fingers and a scaly body, to a ghostly figure who will haunt you. And on the most vulnerable day of the year, all hallows eve, gypsies will wear red to protect themselves against said evil spirits.

My soul sucking bad boys:

Hell bent on revenge, they feed on the energy of the living (instead of blood like the vampire we already know and love) to keep their body alive. I guess you could say it’s a bit like putting them on ice. And just like a regular vampire, they can feed you dry, or take only what they need.

They will appear as normal as you or I. The only way to tell the difference between my version of the walking dead and the actual living is the fire in their eyes that burns bright when their desires are at the strongest, whether it be a desire to seek revenge… or love.

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