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Christmas Irish Kisses Special, Sandra's story.
Release Date: November 29th 2012 

Series: Irish Kisses, four
Length: 13K
Heat Rating: three flames

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Hot winter kisses are all this couple needs to stay warm this Christmas, but will the heat stay long after the magical season of mistletoe has finished?
Excerpt and trailer....


“No phones! But I’ve got to call the family and let them know I arrived safely.” “We’re stranded here until the roads have been cleared.” “Heck, I’m meant to travel to Dunluce Castle the day after tomorrow. I’m
booked in for their Christmas Eve dinner special.” “You should make it fine. The snow never sticks around for long with us being
on the coast. But we’re not likely to get any more bookings, at least not today. It’ll just be yourself and Mr. Draighean as guests, by the looks of it.”
“Mr. Draighean?”
“You met him, I believe. He drove you home through last night’s terrible storm.”
“It’s just us? Here in this castle? With no phones? Stranded here....” What did I say, St Nick? No more fuck ups.
“Ah, here he is now.”
The back door swung open, and there he stood, holding a bird carcass by its feet. “The bird is from ya husband. Reckon ya can rustle up a dumpling stew with this for dinner tonight?” “Of course.” Laura took the dead animal. Holding it at arm’s length and scrunching up her face, she dropped it into a huge boiler pot. She then rushed to the sink to scrub her hands clean. “Eww, why can’t we get our meat from the store like everyone else?”
Sandra snorted. “Do guests usually bring their own dinner ala fresh-from-the- farm?”
“I’ve been coming here years, love. Like family, I am.” He winked at Laura who rolled her eyes and turned to finish making a brew.
“Erm, guess I kinda owe you a thank you for last night.”
“No need. Besides, I think ya kiss was thanks enough.” Chuckling, he motioned to Laura for a drink.
“Not going to let me forget about that, are you?” Sandra backed up against a kitchen cupboard and gulped.
He strutted into her personal space and nudged her chin. “Nope, and I’m only ta happy ta oblige a replay...for memories sake,” he rasped, slinking forward and pinning her against the worktop behind her.
“You cheeky beggar.” Sandra glanced over his shoulder and willed herself not to look him in the eye, for if she did, her knees would buckle and she’d slam to the ground. A nervous giggle escaped her. She placed a hand over his and squeezed at his fingers to get him to release his clasp. There was no budging him.
“I just want....” He moved closer still, his breath grazing her mouth, and she leaned toward him. She tried to stop the forward motion, but it seemed her body knew more about what she needed than her brain did.
“The sugar for me brew.” He reached around her and retrieved the bowl of caster sugar. Relief and disappointment surged through her, and the inevitable happened. Her legs gave way. She swayed a little but grabbed the worktop to save her fall.