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Welcome to my little addition to the word of mouth The Writing Process blog hop. Not sure what that is? Let me explain...  I answer four questions directed at my current work-in-progress so I can give you a wee window into my writing office.
Em Petrova can be thanked for this behind-the-scenes view, so please do stop by her blog to read all about her writing process. Also, watch for the links at the bottom of the post to see who I roped into taking part.

1) What am I working on?
Book two of the Isle of Man and Selkie series, which takes off exactly where book one, Seal the Deal, left off. For the benefit of those who haven't read book one, I dare not give away any spoilers. Let's just say book two is centered around a mermaid and her damaged heart. It's much darker than the first story, and stars a man who seriously needs to be redeemed before he can become the hero. By the way, this story is now finished. I'll be tracking down some critique partners post New Orleans RT Booklovers Convention and then submitting to Decadent Publishing. Wish me luck! And like every other author I know, I've got other projects on the go, too.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Isle of Man and Selkie is set on the Isle of Man, in a wee seaside village that once had a lighthouse. I centered a magical legend around the tragic loss of the maritime building. Utilizing the history of the port, and the Isle's infamous seal population, I created a curse to capture the hearts of those who lost at love. The whole port is steeped in magic because of a curse a mermaid set upon the village, and those who don't find love are damned to be called to the sea. Makes finding those happy ever afters even more imperative! Finding love against the clock. I love how exciting that concept is.

3) Why do I write what I do?
I love getting lost in new worlds, show me a writer who doesn't? Well, that's why I write in general. But I think that also relates to why I love penning paranormals. The creating of worlds really stretches my imagination and gives me a huge creative outlet. I also really enjoy writing the contemporaries in the world we know and love because a journey to an ever after can take all shapes and sorts. And I get to travel the world right from my office. Too cool.

4) How does your writing process work?
I'm half plotter, half pantser.
Normally, I will be struck by an idea. I'm so excited to get started that I bang out a chapter based off that idea. This feeds my pantser self. Several more ideas will then come to me during those first few pages, and I can't write fast enough. To be sure I don't forget all the plot twists, I do a basic synopsis. It's not chapter by chapter. Nope. Just a simple layout of what I aim to happen. From there, I undertake any research needed for the plot points and characterization. Then comes the character development sheets in which I note eye color, hair, height etc..., and the emotional drive/intent behind their actions. Their goals, what might get in their way of said goals.
I then start the manuscript again, keeping that original first chapter to refer back to later in the story should I need to.

Step Three: Say who is on next week (your own chosen three) – give a 1-2 line bio and link to their website.

I conned, erm, I mean I asked these lovely, talented writers to partake.
Please, do drop by and take a peep into their writing world. Tell 'em I sent ya!

Anna Snow
Upcoming release: All the Glittering Bones, romance suspense with Entangled.
Anna Snow began writing as soon as she could hold a pen and hasn't stopped since. Anna loves life, and can think of nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her family and friends. She loves archery, reading, writing, kitties, spending time outdoors, and did I mention kitties? *Big grin* Before writing as Anna Snow, she published several books as Chastity Bush. 
Anna's Writing Process blog goes up 16th May.

Kacey Hammell
Upcoming release: Hands All Over, erotic romance with Ellora's Cave.
Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead…
Canadian-born author Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic. A romance reader from a young age, she fell in love with happily ever afters.  These days, as a multi-published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass, and emotion to the many genres she writes.
A mom of three, Kacey has made certain each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right. She lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada, and is a true romantic at heart.
Kacey's Writing Process blog goes up 9th May.

Layna Pimentel
Romance where you least expect it.
Upcoming release: A Gentleman Always Finds with Secret Cravings Publishing.
Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Layna discovered her love of reading at an early age. When she isn’t devouring salacious romance novels or writing, she enjoys losing herself in researching ancient history and mythology, weaponry, and hiking. She lives in Northern Ontario, with her husband and two daughters.
Layna's Writing Process blog goes up 14th May.