Belated #RT14 photos and roundup

I can't believe I've not shared any photos from the RT Booklovers Convention on my site yet, or told you about my highlights.
Let's change that!

 My favorite photo from the convention - mainly because, as folks quickly learned in NOLA, if you ask me to smile for a pic, I put on a fake grin. It's not pretty! The lovely Kacey Hammell took this photo of me, and actually captured me smiling. Also, this was my first book signing so that's another reason why I adore this photo so much. Psst, I was sat next to Lisa Kessler. Not only does she write the most amazing paranormal romance, but she's also just all round awesome.

 On the first night in New Orleans I ventured out into the hot steamy night for a ghost walk. No spooks encountered, but this sign tickled me.

A HUGE fangirl moment for me at the Mardi Gras event. Eden Bradley, RG Alexander, Robin L Rothman

 I also met Alexandra Sokoloff and gushed over her awesomness, and snagged a signed copy of Book of Shadows.

And what's a trip to the French Quarter without a psychic reading? Apparently, good things are about to happen for me.

HELLO Mr. August from the Calendar Men series. I bumped into him at the Avon Krewe of Muses event...oh my gosh that event. Amazing authors signing books and giving them away. And there was wine and cupcakes, and hot guys like Scott Nova (Mr. August). From a reader point of view, this event was one of the highlights of RT for me.

Talking of books... I came home with so many!

And of course I made it to Channing Tatum's Saints and Sinners was delish, staff were too cool.

 But alas, all good times must end sooner or later. New Orleans has always been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Now I've done it,  but it's still on that list. I have to go back. The food. The people. And I only got to see just some of the wonders of Louisiana. I really must go back.

I'll leave this post on a wee hope... a hope that editors and agents are now not being hounded by a gazillion stories set in New Orleans! Huge plot bunny explosions all around, I believe.

I posted way more pictures on my facebook profile if you're interested in seeing more NOLA fun

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