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Hot Summer Nights Volume One

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Welcome to the exotic paradise of Dasia Island. In the Elysium Resort, nestled among the lush beauty of the rainforest, adventure and romance await. In these nine short stories by bestselling and award winning authors, passion ignites between people from all walks of life, with stories ranging from New Adult to Erotic Romance, and even a bit of Paranormal and Time Travel thrown in—after all the island itself has a mystical history, with mysteries and legends to explore. Lose yourself in the magic of the island … you’ll never want to go home again!

Carly Fall loves a good romance, but she also loves John Sanford and Lee Child. She usually reads via her Kindle, but tends to be a klutz so when in the pool area, she gravitates toward a paperback 
Quote from Carly's HOT SUMMER NIGHTS story:
“I’m going to get what I want, because you want it, too, Monica,” he murmured. He’d never performed a sexual act in public, but never before had he desired a woman the way he wanted her. 
Carly Fall is  a wife, a mother and a slave to the dog, Nicky. She loves to laugh, thinks chocolate and wine should be considered their own food group, and wishes Christmas happened twice a year.
She is the award winning author of the Six Saviors Series, as well as paranormal and contemporary romance titles such as Yesterday's Kiss, Chica Bella and Against the Ropes.
Twitter: @CarlyFall1

CJ Baty likes stories with snow in them during the summer. Though, she's only found one this year that she enjoyed. She also reads romance/mysteries. CJ likes to read early in the morning before anyone else is up in the house. Sitting on the back porch with a cup of vanilla cappuccino and her Kindle Fire is like a little piece of heaven for her.

Quote from CJ's story in HOT SUMMER NIGHTS:

“I will be serving you during your entire stay.” As he spoke, his eyes darkened a little. “It is customary to tip ... if my service pleases you, at the end of your stay, Mr. Lancaster.”
CJ Baty has been writing stories most of her life, but a chance browsing on a Fan Fiction website introduced her to a genre she had never seen before. Male/Male romance. That was four years ago, CJ hasn't looked back. Writing is one of the greatest joys in her life, next to her husband and their children. She'd like to retire to the mountains of Tennessee. She's always found the mountains to be a great source of renewal and strength.
Twitter: @cbaty
Elise Marion really likes YA and NA for the summertime. She's not sure what it is about summer that brings that out in her ... she likes going back to those years of youth and fun during the summertime.
For Elise, with 3 young kids, reading has to happen anywhere and everywhere it can. She wishes she could say someplace exotic like the beach, but with all her kids home all summer the best she can hope for are a few quiet moments during their naptime!

Quote from Elise's story in HOT SUMMER NIGHTS:

It was too late to take it back. Victoria had already put it out there, and now he knew. “You are the only man I’ve ever loved. I never stopped. I left you because—”
Elise Marion is a lover books and has a special place in her heart for sweet and sensual romance. Writing about love across all walks of life is her passion, as is reaching people through the written word. The Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three spends most of her time taking care of her children. Her second job includes writing stories about characters that people can fall in love with. When the Texas native isn't caring for her family or writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, singing loudly, or cooking up something new in the kitchen.
Twitter: @elise_marion
Casse NaRome loves to read YA paranormal comedy during the summer months, on her porch with a cold beer in hand.
Quote from Casse's story in HOT SUMMER NIGHTS:
Basil leaned into me, putting her mouth to my ear. She smelled amazing. I wanted to drown in her fragrance. The crispness of fresh apples, pears, and the heat of nutmeg. 
Casse NaRome is the alter ego of a self-proclaimed awesome weirdo. She is also an Air Force Brat, so she has picked up the odd habit of never staying in the same place for too long. Casse is never serious, has been accused of wishing her life was a sitcom - laugh track and all. She loves to laugh and occasionally snorts but that is sexy, right? She talks to herself out loud and is fine with being a little insane.

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