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 I'm thrilled to bits to welcome Talina Perkins to my blog today. For our paranormal romance fix, she has graciously reviewed, and really enjoyed, Her Demonic Angel by Felicity Heaton
I'm telling you, this sounds like a blinding story! TOP PICK on Night Owl Reviews. Now that is some recommendation. WOOT
Thanks for sharing with us today, Talina.

Felicity Heaton brings everything to the table with her books and then some! Her Demonic Angel is nothing short of emotionally provocative on every level!
I’ve read every release from this author and she only gets better. Ms. Heaton’s unique writing voice pulled me into the story from the opening line and her ability to verbally paint the characters and their journey brought the entire story to life.
In the opening we immediately meet the hero, a fallen angel that is caught as an eternal pawn in the war between Heaven and Hell. Verion is determined and focused on seeking revenge so he can finally move on, but his simple plan has a huge wrench thrown at it in the form of the heroine, Erin.
Trapped in Hell, Erin soon finds herself in the middle if Heaven and Hell’s war in a way no one ever expects and I tip my hat at the author’s creative prowess to interweave all the plot threads to create such a great story. The way the heroine fought for what she wanted, her internal strength and her softer side all came together to form a heroine I could really relate to. I loved her sharp mind and how she always picked herself up and carried on. I also loved how she fell for the hero and him for her. While the author knows how to write fight scenes and action, she also has a wicked ability to crank up the heat and give the reader a rounded sense for the sizzling and steamy!
I also love how we get to see the characters from the other books in the series not just in passing, but in roles that are crucial to the story in a way that in not intrusive. Very well done, indeed.
In closing, the entire series hits all the notes a paranormal romance lover wants from a series and this book follows suit. Verion and Erin’s story is riddled with danger and adventure with a perfect dose of sizzling romance that’s not to be missed!

-Talina Perkins, reviewed for Night Owl Reviews 4.5 Star Top Pick


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Talina Perkins said...

LOVE your site, JoAnne! Thanks for having me over and for sharing my review for Felicity Heaton's latest release!