#Beauty Favorites, April edition #lovemakeup

I'm no beauty expert. Let's put that out there right away. I'm a romance author who spends most days in yoga clothes and no fuss makeup. On the odd occasion I do go out, I want easy, no fuss products that actually work. I invite you to learn about my monthly beauty finds, and for you to share yours.

APRIL in North Carolina is all about the rain this year. So my choices have leaned toward brighter than my usual options so I could bring in the sunshine.

Batiste dry-shampoo, Tropical scent.
This product is a 'finally' product for me. I've tried several dry-shampoos, and I've found they either smell nasty or just leave their hair looking gray or overly dry and cake on the scalp. Interestingly enough, this is the cheapest one I've tried. I bought mine at Ulta, and grabbed the purse size version, too. If you're debating this purchase, my recommendation is to go to a store and sniff all the scents. some of them are bloody awful. Some of them delightful. I opted for the tropical scent because coconuts remind me of Summer....

Use dry shampoo? Want to try it and have questions? I welcome comments either here on the blog or in the various social media sites I'm on. Links in my bio page found in the navigation bar.

Bath n Body Works, Beautiful Day scent
I'm a huge fan of BBW. I change my scents with the seasons. I grabbed Beautiful Day this time around because it's very appley and fresh. Perfect for spring. Plus, it had a bubble bath option. Not many BBW scents have that option these days, which is a shame.
Do you BBW? Which is your favorite/least favorite scent?

Laura Gellar Spackle, sample size
I know. I'm so late on this bandwagon... what can I say? I usually stick with Bare Minerals for foundation because my skin breaks out easily. I recently switched to Tarte, and found similar success. While in line to pay for said Tarte products, I noticed Spackle in the sample bucket. I'd heard great things so I grabbed the sample to give it a whirl. At first application, I fell in love. It really does give pores a smoother appearance. and worn alone, without foundation, it gives the skin a nice healthy glow. Top marks. A new favorite. I'm going to invest in a full size product and try some more Laura Geller products.
Have you recently tried a new brand and fell in love? Tell me about it!

Orly Color Amp'd flexible 2 step polish, airwalks shade
I needed a springy, bright color to cheer the mood. This worked perfectly. It went on silky smooth and didn't leave behind any brush marks. The color is super rich and very glossy with the top coat provided in the kit. Meant to last a week, but I'm expecting four days max. That's how long most of these no-color gel polishes seem to last on me. except when I'm writing a lot. All the typing wears away the color at the edges of my nails which leads to chipping.
Us poor writers, finding polishes to withstand our typing seems near impossible. Found a non-uv light nail color that actually stays on a week or longer? 

Manna sheer glo shimmer lotion, sample size from Ipsy
I got this in my second Ipsy bag. Funny story, both daughter and I thought this was a lipbalm and almost threw it out for being too runny and weak in color. Luckily, I realized and tried some on my cheeks. It's so pretty. Very light color, semi-shimery so it's not over the top. I use as blush, but I've heard some folks add a drop in foundation to give a natural sun-kissed look. I want a full size of this product. Ipsy won me over! Nice job, Ipsy. Also, it doesn't flare up my acne. WOOT.
Damn my skin. It's so fussy. I celebrate when I find products that don't irritate. How about you?

Another thing I switch up for the seasons is lip color. I tend to go neutral in the Spring, and more peachy in the Summer, then darker browns/plums in the Autumn and Winter. This lip gloss is one I've been using since the end of Winter. It adds a nice shimmer over the top of regular lipsticks, and worn alone it's very pretty and neutral.I bet this color would suit almost everyone.
Lip color is so personal...I spend a long time in Ulta trying new ones. What's the most difficult thing you struggle to color match?

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