5 useful and free websites for #Authors #AmWriting #Promo #Marketing

The international Amazon buylinks generator
Ever get bored of posting a thousand different links for Amazon on social media just on one post so you don't miss out your international readers? Here's an answer to your prayers. In a flash!
Also compatible with Bit.ly for when you need a super short URL.
Authl.it generates a lovely international Amazon buy link page for your books all by the click of one button once it's set up.
Here's an auth.lit page I had generated for my PRE-ORDER Before The Rain. http://authl.it/B00XWQT6TU

Book to Movie Dream Casts
If you've got books and you've got fans, this is a site you need to be on! Load your books, make book-to-movie  'dream cast' proposals. Readers can vote for who they'd like to cast as characters, and they can offer their own suggestions. It's so much fun. A must for any author. It's an easy and quick way to add a cool new way to interact online. See my choices for upcoming Before the Rain: http://www.iflist.com/stories/beforetherain and there's a proposal for Irish Kisses, too. Cast your votes now. Who would you like to see playing Shaun Bell? Or the reader favorite, Devlin Kinney? What about Rachel or Liz? And the big reader, Sandra? http://www.iflist.com/stories/irishkisses

Turn your books into virtual jigsaws
This website service offers a different way to do cover reveals. I'm sure it could be utilized for contests and over such fun book cover activities. Bascially, you can turn your book cover into a virtual jigsaw. Cool, right?
Here's one I made as a game. Who is the author I'm with in this picture? Finish the jigsaw to find out.

Add a musical soundtrack to chapter samples
A unique way to share chapter samples of your latest releases. Load up a chapter, add music, and share. Your readers can then listen to the soundtrack of chapter one while they read. Hook in those readers with this free service.
I made a Book Track for Outback Dirty to test out the service. https://www.booktrack.com/#!/bookstore/search?booktrackId=668727e4e33d4c838c38ce78913a8dbd

Make a book landing page
Similar to authlit, but rather than just a page for international Amazon purchase links, you can make a complete and clean looking book landing page.
Here's one I made for Irish Kisses: http://booklaunch.io/Joannekenrick/550730649becfd440f47a6c9
An, right at the bottom of the Book Launch page, readers can sign up for updates on the book posted. This makes Book Launch perfect for coming soon books or books with incoming buylinks still.

Website services were free service at the time of posting.

These are just five free online services authors can use to help with their marketing efforts, but there are so many others.
Do you know of a cool and free website service you think authors should know about?

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